Sunday, November 23, 2014

C4K Summary for Month of November

C4K Summary


Cartoon students and word bubbles


School: Oakville, Ontario Canada (Mrs.Horst)
Student's name: Marina
Student's Blog: Marina's Blog

Student's Post:

Student's were asked to break a dance down into elements.
"The dance elements for this dance are: Dance:I think this dance was AMAZING. Relationships: the relationship is great in the dance it really shows emotion.I also think they did a great job with the ball. Body: there positions in the dance were really good.Like when he was lifting the girl they were in a good position. Energy:they had a great pace when they were dancing it really went smoothly.Like when they were together they went slow and then they speeded up a little. Space:In this dance they had different levels like when they were on the ball it was low/medium.They went differnet directions while they were dancing they went left right then forward and back. Time"

My Post:

My name is Andrea, and I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I enjoyed reading your post on “So You Think You Can Dance”. I use to be a dancer, so naturally I love that show! I like that you broke the dance down into different elements. Are there anymore elements that you can think of? Were they in synchronization the entire time? I also liked that you included pictures in your post. Also be careful with the words there, their, and they’re, and your usage of “like”."


School: Waverly Shell Rock Middle School
Student's name: Paige
Student's Blog:Paige's Blog

Student's Post:

"I chose a knock-off version of the Go-Go Gadget. I came up with the idea because I was hungry at the time. My favorite gadget was the toothbrush to brush that nasty breath. This is kind of like the army knives that twist and there are multiple things to use." My Post:

My name is Andrea and I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I really enjoyed looking at your blog!! I loved inspector gadget, and I think this would have been a great tool for me to of had in school. I had braces, so I had to bring my toothbrush with me to school everyday. This tool would have been useful. I also liked your linoleum block carving of baby Spongebob. When I made one, I printed it on different color paper and made a collage. Keep up the great work!


School: Kingsland Middle School
Student's name: Angela
Student's Blog: Angela's Blog

Student's Post:

Students were asked to post a summary of the first quarter of school.
"Salutations everyone! This quarter was not tranquil at all. The quarter was inane because everybody was getting use to being at school.One of the worst things of the quarter is the repulsive studying, homework,(that we had almost every single day), and the educational parodies. I was stupefied at the amount of homework we had the first day of school. On the first day I expected I wouldn’t have one single assignment, but no we had assignments. One thing that I loathe about school is how cold it is. My forte is being cold at school (that’s not school related.) I am happy that there is a new quarter so we are use to school. I hope you liked my end of the first quarter blog."

My Post:

My name is Andrea, and I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I really enjoyed reading your blog posts! You have a wonderful vocabulary, which made your posts very interesting to read. It sounds to me like your school is doing a good job preparing you for high school and college! It may be a lot of work now, but I promise it will all pay off in the long run! Keep working hard! "

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  1. Hi Andrea! I really like how detailed and organized your post for C4K's are! I really enjoyed reading your post!