Sunday, November 23, 2014

Blog Assignment #14

Professionalizing Teaching

Problems and Solutions in Education:

•Need better Educators- Recruit from top third of graduates.
•Seniority- Reward teachers

Teachers can never be erased
How to fix these problems:

There are a few problems in the education system, and they need to be fixed. Today, it seems as though anyone with a college degree can become a teacher. Instead of just allowing anyone to take the role of molding the future, teachers should be recruited. However, teaching is not an "ideal" job for a lot of people nowadays. Teachers do not get the credit that they deserve, and are treated almost as glorified baby sitters. Teachers are one of the lowest paid careers with a college degree.(College.USAtoday) If teachers were held to a higher standard, more students who are at the top of their class would want to become one. (Not to say that NO one who graduates in the top 33% does not become a teacher.)

Another problem that the education system faces is the seniority rule. Often times if the school has to make cuts, it is the newest teacher fired versus the least productive. I understand that this could have to do with tenure, but there should be exceptions. I feel that teachers on tenure do not feel that their job is at risk and could become lazy. It is unfair that a newer, possibly more qualified teacher, would be let go over a teacher who does not do their job. Shanker recommended that teachers should be on a merit-based ladder, and promotions be based off of specialty exams. I actually feel that would be a more productive system. It would not allow teachers to get lazy, and it would promote life time learning. It would cause teachers to be the role models they should be for their class. Those steps will help professionalize teaching, and have people hold teachers at a higher standard.

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  1. Good blog post Andrea!! I agree if schools start recruiting teachers who graduate at the top of their class and base promotions off specialty exams and performance then we'll produce more productive teachers. Seniority should be extricated. Specialty exams will help teachers stay lifelong learners because they will constantly be challenged. I believe these changes will help improve American education.