Sunday, November 16, 2014

Blog Assignment #13

What technology can you use in YOUR classroom?

Every classroom is different, and every teacher has his or her own way of teaching. This blog post assignment is allowing you to explore the internet and find tools that you as a teacher will use in your own classroom. Find tools that will fit your subject area and grade level, and explain how you will use them.


Students can use symbaloo to mark a web page and save it for later. The bookmarks are kept as tiles that can be organized. This website is great for saving references or frequently visited pages.


Evernote Peek-
This is an app that allows students to make virtual flashcards to study. I felt this app would be very useful to use to study for tests. Students can also share their questions with other students. This could be used in replacement to a study guide.

This is an app that I actually have myself to help me in school. This is an app where students can organize their classes and set reminders on their phones. Each class can be organized by a different color and symbol. It reminds the students when there is an upcoming test or homework assignment due.

Icell is an interactive app where students can pull up images of a bacteria, animal, and plant cell. The students can then move the cell around to see it from different angles. The students can also zoom in to the cell, and see all the parts and how they function. I like this better than just printing out the image, because then students are prone to just memorize where certain parts are on that picture. This way students are actively exploring and learning.

Educreations is an app that makes the whiteboard interactive. It can record the screen and the teacher can then turn that into a file. Students then have a video lesson that they can take with them anywhere.


  1. Well Andrea, I must say that you have indeed done a bang up job on this post. I appreciate the fact that you not only included technologies that we briefly touched on, but you also managed to find some new ones to boot. Bravo madam, bravo.