Sunday, October 12, 2014

C4T Summary #2

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I was assigned to the blog Science Fix, by Darren Fix. The blog was full of videos of short experiments. I felt that this is very useful, because these short experiments can be done at the beginning of class to spark the students interest. Unfortunately Darren has not posted a new blog since December 2013. Both of my comments are waiting to be approved and have not shown up yet.

Darren's blog that I commented on, was an experiment on melting rates. He made a video that showed how just because some things may look similar, they can have completely different melting rates. He melted two ice cubes, on two different, similar looking blocks. One ice cube melted faster, because it was on a metal block, a good conductor that absorbed the surrounding energy.

Summary of my First Comment:

My name is Andrea Fust and I am a student at University of South Alabama. What a great way to get students engaged. I feel that these experiments are quick attention grabbers for the students. These experiments can be done at the beginning of class to spark an interest in the students. Students will want to pay attention more to understand why something they cannot explain happened.

Summary of my Second Comment:

I have really enjoyed watching the videos in your blog. I feel that these are great warm ups to do at the beginning of class to get the students interested. I have bookmarked your blog and I will be checking back for more updates. One day when I am a teacher I hope I will be able to use a few of these. Thanks for the posts!

I also left links to my email and the class blog.

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