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C4K Summary for Month of October

C4K Summary


Cartoon students and word bubbles


School:JHFI (Madame Thomas)
Student's name: Dominique
Student's Blog:Dominique's Blog

Students Post:

Student posted about what she would do to change the world:
"I plan to make my mark on the world by helping kids remember things by making up fun cool jingles so that they can remember school things."

My Post:

My name is Andrea, and I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I think that coming up with jingles is a great way to help people remember things. Think about car rides, half the time you don’t pay attention to the song, and the next thing you know you’re singing a long. This was a commercial on nickelodeon when I was in middle school. President Song. Not only did I learn all of the president, but they are in order and it has a few “fun facts”. School House Rock was another teaching tool that used jingles to help teach the lesson. I am 22 years old and I still remember those songs from elementary school!!


School:Downer's Grove
Student's name: Samantha
Student's blog:Samantha's Blog

Students Post:

Students were asked to write a post on their thoughts about taking away recess as a punishment.
"Yes, kids should lose recess for when they act up. In my opinion, kids listen in class better when kids have a recess on the line. When the kids stay in when other kid are outside, the tend to listen better next time when they have a chance. Usually when kids stay in they have to do school work and that helps them be a smarter student. This way of punishing kids it word most of the time. Another reason kid should stay in, is because kids need to learn their what they did wrong and what they can do next time. Their are other ways that teacher punish misbehaving kid. One way is to take them out of class and talk to them separately, but then they are losing rich class time. Another way teachers punish misbehaving kids, is they give the student some sort of behavior report. This way their parents can see what they did wrong. This in my opinion on if students should lose recess for misbehaving."

My Post:

I agree with you, because recess is a privilege to go to. What do you think should happen if that student is still acting up? What if taking away recess is not enough. Is it fair to keep them inside everyday? At my school, we also had isolated lunches. If students were acting up, they would have to sit at a quiet table during lunch, and then clean the tables afterwards. No one wanted to clean the cafeteria! Also what about high school students that act up? They do not have recess, so what should their punishment be? Look forward to hearing back from you!

Student's Reply:

" I think the kids in high school should do that quiet lunch thing you were talking about. Or they should talk to the teacher of the class they acted up in. If kids still act up they will stay in everyday until they stop. But if they keep acting up they should talk to the pricipal of the school. Thank you so much for commenting on my writing. Also I was just wondering if you agreed with me. Looking forward to your reply!😃😃😊😉 "

My Reply:

I agree with you! At my school, we had a strike system. Every strike meant a worse punishment. Thanks for the reply!! "


School:Independent School NW USA
Students name: Izabelle
Student's blog:Izabelle's Blog

Students Post:

Students were asked what their online responsibilities were.
"You usually use a password when you log into something online. Make sure you mesmerise it. Don’t make it to obvious. Sometimes people can get into your online things."

My Post:

Hello Izabelle,
My name is Andrea, and I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I am going to school to be a teacher, and right now I am taking a class called EDM310. It is a class where we learn how to use different programs on computers, so we can one day teach them to our students. You are right, Izabelle. It is very important to be responsible on the internet. You want to make sure you memorize your passwords, and not make them obvious to others. Do you think that you should use the same password for everything, or change it on different sites?


School:Pt England School
Students name: Cyrus
Students Blog:Cyrus' Blog

Students Post:

Students were asked to write a blog using explanation writing.
"Do you want to get skin cancer? If not, you need to wear a fully covered hat, sunscreen and sometimes you may need to wear sunglasses. A hat is a head covering that can be worn for protection against the elements, especially the sun. A fully covered hat can protect your head and your face from the sun. You need a proper hat to go into the sunlight, with a full brem. The kind of hat that is bad for you is a visor because the top of your head is not covered. Sunscreen is really good for protecting you from the sun at all times including when you go for a swim. Sunscreen is a lotion, spray or gel that you can rub on to your skin and reflects the sun of you. By using sunscreen is adding an extra layer on to you to stop you from getting skin cancer. Sunglasses are a form of protective eyewear thats was created to protect you eyes from the sun. From 12 o’clock to 2 o’clock it would be a good idea to wear sunglasses because at this time of day it is really hot. If you do not wear sunglasses you can become blind from the brightness of the day light. Wearing sunscreen, hat and sunglasses can save you from the sun and keep you safe incase you get blind or get skin cancer."

My Post:

My name is Andrea, and I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I think you did a fantastic job demonstrating explanation writing. You described what each item is that protects you from the sun is perfectly. Can you think of anything else that protects you from the sun? (Maybe a type of clothing.)

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