Sunday, October 5, 2014

Blog Assignment #7

Strength & Weakness

Strength & Weakness sign

A lot of planning goes into teaching and being a teacher, especially when it comes to projects. Project based learning uses projects to teach an effective lesson that helps the information stay. As a teacher, I will have to plan my own lessons and projects. A concern I have is planning effective lessons. I am scared that some lessons may not go as planned, and the overall message of the lesson may become lost. I will have to make sure I give myself plenty of time to go through the lesson or project a few times before teaching it. This concern is because of my lack of experience, a weakness I have because I have not actually taught a class yet. I will have to also make sure I am good at managing my time. I hope that student teaching will help me with these concerns.

I feel my strength is that I catch on quickly, and that this will help me when I begin to teach. Because standards, curriculum, and technology are always changing, teachers must constantly adapt and change their lessons and ways of teaching. Teachers need to be up to date on the latest technologies. That is a skill I am currently working on thanks to a class I am taking, EDM310. Since joining the class I have discovered so many new resource tools that are free to use online. These tools can come in handy when teaching in the classroom.

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What did I learn from the Videos?

Children Learning with Ipad

Ginger Tuck, a kindergarten teacher at Gulf Shores Elementary, had three videos that showed how technology is used in the classroom. First the students had a center where they could monitor their reading abilities with an Ipad. The students would simply record themselves reading, then play back the video and read along with themselves. Not only did that make reading more fun, but it had the child read the sentences multiple times. The teacher also can watch the videos later to monitor the students progress.

These students then used an application called poplet. This allows kindergarten students to create a neat and organized web outline. I felt that this project was great, because it helped the students in multiple areas. (ex: Reading, Typing) The students then used Alabama Virtual Library to research various topics. I thought this was great, because each student does the research and learning on their own. This helps ensure that they are really paying attention, versus if a teacher was just in front of the classroom.

Tammy Shirley, a first grade teacher at Gulf Shores Elementary, demonstrated how discovery education is used in the classroom. Through discovery education students create a board about their given topic. They can find images and videos through discovery education as well to add to their board. The final projects were very impressive, and it was made my first graders!

In Dr.Strange's video, Using iMovie and AVL in Kindergarten, he discussed with Mrs.Davis and Mrs.Bennett how kindergarten students are making book trailers. This is amazing to me, because it is so different then how kindergarten used to be. I can not wait to see what these children grow up to do.

Ginger Tuck's Videos

Ipad Reading Center
Alabama Virtual Library

Tammy Shirley's Video

Discovery Education Board Builder


  1. Hey Andrea. I enjoyed reading your post. Our weakness is actually the same. I don't have experience teaching yet, so I am also a bit nervous on that one. I kind of catch on quick, but really it depends. I also agree with Poplet being a great app. I thought it was so neat how such young children can do so much with technology. I'm excited to teach and learn with them.