Sunday, October 12, 2014

Blog Assignment #8

What Can We Learn About Teaching and Learning From Randy Pausch?

Randy Pausch

This is actually my third time to watch Randy Pausch's Last Lecture, and I always learn something new when I watch it. I watched it twice on my own time, because I found it to be very inspirational. I admire Randy's cheerful and positive attitude, and I think it serves as a lesson to everyone. I think the moral of his lecture was that anything is possible, no matter how hard the obstacle may seem. He even said himself, "Brick walls are there to show you how bad you want something.". His lecture showed that no matter how impossible a childhood dream or goal may seem, you can achieve it. The first two times that I watched this video I was in high school. Now watching it as a Secondary Education major in college, I strive to be a teacher like Randy.

Randy did not give his students step by step criteria to meet, but instead gave them freedom. In return, their results were better than he could of imagined them to have made during the entire semester, let alone two weeks. He then pushed his students by telling them he expects more. His students were having fun learning difficult things, and that is amazing.

Another thing that Randy had brought up, was how he was a good salesman. Instead of taking a job in sales, he decided to sell education. I love that, because that is what a teacher is doing. You want to sell to your students why they should be interested in the topic, and why it is important to know. If the teacher goes into the classroom and has no enthusiasm students wont buy it.

Lessons from Randy:

•Critics Care
•Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted.
•Don't restrict students.
•Push your students.
•Have fun and help others.
•Brick walls show dedication, and how badly you want something.
•Don't Bail.
•Lead life the right way.
•Work hard.
•Find the best in everyone.

When it comes to being a teacher, do not restrict students, push them, and have fun. When it comes to be a learner do not bail, lead life the right way, and karma will return the favor.

Quote from Lecture


  1. Andrea, I enjoyed watching Randy Pausch's Last Lecture as well. I also found him to be very inspirational. I like how you set up all of the different lessons you learned from this video. Your blog post was very organized and easy to read. Great post!