Sunday, September 14, 2014

C4T #1

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Longevity of The Essay

In this blog, Dorothy Burt, posted a video about how in 15 years the way we traditionally know essays will be no more. She then went into discussing how Google Docs will play a significant role in the death of the traditional essay. It may be difficult to transfer over, but the range of possibilities will explode.

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Hello Dorothy,
My name is Andrea Fust, and I am a student at University of South Alabama. I am taking EDM310 which is an educational media course. I have had online classes in the past, but this brings a new definition to the term. I had never used google docs, or a lot of other very resourceful tools. I have been missing out! I think it is so important that students learn how to use these tools early in life. The past few weeks I have spent in EDM310 has really shown me how helpful technology can be in the classroom. Teachers become more of an aid for students versus the main source of knowledge. So, I agree with the professor in the video, the world is changing. I can not wait to see what the future holds.

Sparking Learning

A foundation called Spark is bringing technological learning to underprivileged children. These children would not otherwise be able to have this type of education. In a short, very informational video, a few of the teachers discussed a few of the programs their students are using. These students are doing "today's learning for tomorrow's jobs."


What an amazing program! I can not wait to see what these students do in the future. This type of learning gets students more information then they would in a classroom alone. Now these students have the world at their finger tips.

Click Here to see the amazing things the Spark Foundation is doing!
teacher on computer

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