Thursday, September 18, 2014

Blog Assignment #5 (Part 1)

Personal Learning Network

What is a PLN??

A PLN or, Personal Learning Network, is a new way of teaching and learning. PLN's allow for teachers and students to extend their network through interactions with other students or educators via web. Personal Learning Networks give access to global learning communities, allows exchange of ideas and opinions, and allows teachers and students to discuss various topics. Through PLN's students have access to information that they usually would not have in a regular classroom. It gives students a limitless supply of information, making the learning possibilities endless. There are many networking sites to use such as: Blogging sites, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, Delicious, Google+ and more.

Because there are so many different sites to use, it is important to keep it all organized. Symbaloo and Netvibes are two websites that can help with that. I personally liked symbaloo better because organizes everything with tiles. This allows you to navigate to where you need to go at the click of a button.

The best way to start, or the way I have started, is through twitter. In Beth Still's blog Nebraska Change Agent she lists several links to recommended educators to follow. Also Larry Ferlazzo's Blog list several recommended educators to follow as well.


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